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How do I book your face painting services?2018-03-27T17:34:43+01:00

You can ring me on 07979 853245 or email me via our contact form. All I require is your written confirmation to secure the date.

How far in advance must I book?2018-03-27T17:46:01+01:00

Halloween, Christmas and weekends are sometimes booked a year in advance. Winter is a little slower. So, it depends. Please contact us as soon as your date and time is confirmed. The first client to return a completed contract gets the booking.

Can you provide other painters?2018-03-27T17:58:00+01:00

Yes, I can provide teams of artists for any event. I have contacts up and down the country and only use excellent professional painters.

What happens if our guests arrive late?2018-03-27T17:45:03+01:00

Sorry that happened. But we book events back-to-back and must stick to the times written on the contract. We turn down other events if someone calls and requests the time slot that you reserved, so we ask you to respect the start and finish times that were agreed.

What experience do you offer?2018-03-27T17:42:00+01:00

We have been providing face painting in Bromley and surrounding areas for many years and have been taught by the best. We attend professional training events such as the ‘UK face and body convention’, where we receive instruction by amazing world class face and body artists.

Why should we choose Shimmer Face Painting?2018-03-27T17:36:40+01:00

We are insured and use quality paints. We also adhere to appropriate safety standards, so don’t settle for less. Photos last forever, so it is important to choose a painter who will get the job right.

How many children can you paint at a party?2018-03-27T17:54:09+01:00

One artist can generally paint between 12 and 15 faces per hour, that’s around 25 for a two-hour party. This equates to approximately three to six minutes per child, which ensures each child feels they have received some special attention. However, on occasions, I have painted up to 20 in an hour where customers are happy with very small eye designs.

Are your paints safe for sensitive skin?2018-03-27T18:05:40+01:00

Yes, all the paints I use are FDA compliant and safe for use on children. However, some children are very sensitive to many things, so I will take my lead from the parent. If in doubt, I can always do a patch test on the child’s arm in advance. The brands I use are Kryolan, Snazaroo, Wolfe FX, and Paradise.

What ages do you paint?2018-03-27T17:56:09+01:00

I will paint children over the age of three, if they are happy and willing to be painted. Of course, I’ll paint anyone up to the age of 103 too! All children must be accompanied by a grown-up.

Can you paint my baby’s face?2018-03-27T17:56:48+01:00

Sorry. For your child’s safety, we’d prefer not to paint the faces of kids under three years of age. Paintbrush bristles are joined to the wooden handle by a ferrule – a thin sheet of metal, which is not ideal near the eyes of a wee wiggler. We’re happy to paint a design on a little arm for kids under three. At that age, they like to be able to see it without a mirror, anyway!

What about hygiene?2018-03-27T18:06:38+01:00

We will not paint the face of anyone who appears to be sick, has a runny nose or swollen eyes, has a skin rash, has an open cut or sore on his or her face, or has an obvious illness. However, we are happy to paint a hand, arm, or leg instead. Brushes and sponges are cleaned in soap and hot water after every event.

Will you paint outdoors?2018-03-27T17:57:24+01:00

I will only paint outside if there is a marquee provided with sides to protect from rain, sun and wind. I do not like to paint under a gazebo unless it is strong, has sides and is properly anchored. I prefer to work inside wherever possible.

Do you provide face painting at school fairs?2018-03-27T17:59:24+01:00

I can do, for my usual fee. However, I could also attend your school to run a workshop for volunteer parents, giving them the confidence to paint themselves.

Do you provide your own table and chairs?2018-03-27T18:00:03+01:00

Yes, I can provide my own with advanced notice. Please indicate this requirement on the booking form. Otherwise, please could you provide 2 chairs and a large table for my use. Thank you.

My friend paints faces. Can she help out using your paint?2018-03-27T17:53:03+01:00

Sorry, but our insurance does not allow this kind of arrangement. You could always book an extra half hour of painting. You might also consider having one of your guests be a line manager for large events.

How should I remove face paints?2018-03-27T18:07:37+01:00

Most of the time, face paint products wash off with mild soap and water. For best results, remove with a high-quality baby wipe or baby shampoo, water and a face cloth. Avoid using low cost baby wipes as these can be irritating to young children’s skin. For lingering color, use oil free eye make-up remover.

Be sure to remove the paint before putting the kids to bed, as it may not wash out of fabrics as easily as it does from skin. If trace stains do remain, apply a good quality facial lotion, wait 30 minutes, and gently wash the area again with warm soap and water.

How much does it cost to hire you for a party?2018-03-27T17:43:46+01:00

The price depends on many factors, including date, day of the week, venue, number of children and type of event. It is difficult to provide a quotation until I have a little more information, so please get in touch

Can I pay for longer if the party overruns?2018-03-27T17:45:33+01:00

If your painter does not have another event booked after yours, they may be able to stay and paint later in overtime. This time would be charged in half hour increments.

Can we just have something small painted on the cheek so it’s cheaper?2018-03-27T18:08:06+01:00

This depends whether the “something small” would make any difference. For example, painting a small SpongeBob on a cheek requires double the time of a full-face rainbow with swirls. Most of the paintings you see on our gallery page can be completed in 5 minutes. This is why experience matters – we have this down to a fine art to ensure you receive speed, quality and value for money.

Health & Safety

Safety and hygiene is of prime importance when face painting.

I only use professional products, paints and glitters approved by the USA and EU cosmetic federations, for use on children’s skin. I have full public liability insurance and a CRB check.  I pride myself on only working to the highest standard of cleanliness & hygiene, so your children are in safe hands with me.

All equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected where necessary between events. Brush water is changed regularly during a session. Paint is best removed with warm water and a face cloth

At private events/parties, it is the responsibility of the organizer to ensure that the permission of parents/guardians is obtained prior to children being painted. Children under 2 years cannot be painted.


The price varies depending on which day, time, length of booking and location. Please contact me for a quote. However, as a guide, price for a 2 hour party starts at £120.

Should you require more than one face painter; I work with a team of face painters, which we all pass work to each other.

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